Sale Provisions


For Auction Lots

All material is genuine, unless indicated otherwise.

Successful bidders are awarded lots at 10% over the second highest bid and not necessarily at their high bid.

In the event of tie bids, the bid received first will prevail.

One of the following buyer’s premiums will apply: 13.5% flat on auction hammer total of $19,999 or more; 15.5% flat if $10,000-$19,999; or 17.5% if under $10,000.

Prices indicated denote an estimated range of values. Bidding opens at half low estimate.

Payment is expected on receipt of invoice. Check or money order accepted. Credit card (Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) is accepted for invoices up to $2,500. Payment may also be made by direct wire, in which case please contact us for bank information.

Successful bidders are expected to make prompt payment in full before lots are shipped. Title not transferred until payment accomplished. Special terms may be arranged for institutions.

Call-back on closing day may be requested for lots with estimates of over $500. This is offered as an informational service without guarantee.

Expertization may not delay payment.

A charge of $35.00 shall be imposed for any check returned from the bank for any reason, and $35.00 for credit card chargeback.

Bidders who have not purchased from us in the recent past should include a 25% deposit, to be applied to successful bids. If bidding is not successful, deposit is returned promptly after closing date, or credit card not charged.

We reserve the right to decline unrealistic bids, or bids believed not made in good faith or from one whose credit status is unclear.

We reserve the right to withdraw lots.

Auction lots are described carefully and conscientiously; however, they must understandably and necessarily be “as is” due to the multitude of factors associated with their character. Consignors have guaranteed correct provenance.

As an auction is not an approval sale, lots are not returnable except for reason of authenticity.

Should a question arise as to authenticity, we must be notified by registered or certified mail within 5 days of delivery. We are not responsible for any claim whatsoever received after such date. Refund will be made, upon return of the item to us within 7 days of notification, in the same condition as shipped. We shall be the sole determiner of the sameness of the state of an item at time of shipment and its return, respectively. For protection of consignors’ property, lots are not returnable for any other reason. No lot consisting of 5 or more items is returnable.

Refund in such case is by same payment method as originally made by bidder. In event of payment by credit card, prevailing merchant bank fees originally incurred shall be deducted from refund to credit card account. We are not responsible for statement closing dates, which vary. Should bidder dispute original charge, notwithstanding forthcoming refund, it is understood that bidder shall repay chargeback and other costs.

Because we act as agents for numerous consignors, claims must be made before we have settled with them. Consideration cannot be given in event of late payment, consignee'’s absence at time of delivery, or for other reason.

Bids are accepted by mail, phone, fax, and e-mail. We are not responsible for fax or e-mail transmissions not completed, or phone bids not confirmed in writing. Bidders are responsible for bidding on the correct lots.

Photocopies may be obtained at $1.00 each. Color pictures of lots already scanned available by e-mail. For those with a spending ceiling in mind, we can institute a maximum-spending limit.

For those who are particularly desirous of being successful in their bidding, we can increase bids on one or more lots by a selected percentage. See bid sheet for details.

Shipping costs, insurance and handling costs are borne by the purchaser, with minimum charge of $5.00 per shipment. A packing charge for large-size framed items may apply.

New York sales tax will be added for New York State addresses, except for those with valid tax numbers on file.

Should full and due payment not be forthcoming promptly on any lot, then we reserve the right to sell lot to another buyer. Any loss that occurs as a result of such sale, plus interest and costs, shall be for the account of the delinquent buyer. Withdrawal of bids may forfeit deposit.

The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the above terms of sale.

Please contact us for philatelic extension terms.

Auction results will be available by phone one week after closing date.

Additional Information

Additional information on any lot is provided on request, before closing date of sale.

Buyers are earnestly invited to acquire all information necessary to ascertain lot details.

If You Have Other Questions

If you have any questions not addressed by the text on this website, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call (1-914-476-8500). Unlike some firms on the Internet, we have real people: we do not outsource support to distant lands, and we do not have VoiceMail during normal business hours of 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Eastern time.

Bidding Deadline